1. WDR Laender-Menschen-Abenteuer 15./16.02.2018
  2. From Strausberg to Mount Everest, TV-documentry about our MWP-expedition- see DW channel (Video- engl. version)
  3. rbb TV- feature "From Strausberg to Mount Everest" (media centre part I + II; Video- german version)
  4. WDR 28/05/2014
  5. n-tv News 31/01/2014
  6. ARD-Nachtmagazin 30/01/2014 - flight over the glaciers Mount Everest-region
  7. RTL -News 30/01/2014
  8. RBB aktuell 28/01/2014
  9. RBB: OZON unterwegs; Broadcast 11/11/2013
  10. RBB: TV-feature at OZON; 24/10/2013 available via RBB - Mitschnittservice
  11. 3sat: TV-feature at Nano, still available via 3sat-Mediathek
  12. PHOENIX: Rodeo in the Sky
  13. ARTE: Wave Riders of the Andes
  14. RBB: Sierra Nevada- Luftwirbel gefährden Flugsicherheit
  15. WDR: Länder-Menschen-Abenteuer
  16. MDR: hier ab vier
  17. Bw-TV: Nachrichtenmagazin
  18. N24: Forschung & Fliegen
  19. N-TV: take off
  20. WDR: daheim und unterwegs
  21. MDR: Brisant
  22. SAT1: Morgenreport
  23. Wetterfernsehen

Contact the MWP-team for amazing aerial photos and movies between sky and unique high mountain areas of the world

Scientific TV-feature "Rodeo in the Sky" on PHOENIX and RBB

With the subhead "Research for greater flight safety" it is not only a mwp-documentation, but rather a journey into history of exploration of the system rotor - wave and their associated extrem turbulence (45 min., German, English)

A list of movies and tv- features which are online available:

Search and enjoy ....

Additional movies you can find on the website from Joerg Hacker (Airborne Research Australia), Rene Heise (private website) and Wolf-Dietrich Herold (private blog)